Routine septic inspections are a smart investment! 

We go though the entire system in detail, to verify your system is working as it should. 

We check sludge/scum levels in all tanks, clean any filters, check baffles, verify timer settings, check performance of pump and drain field, and much, much more. 

We can get ahead of small issues before they become catastrophic. 

Sign up for reoccurring routine inspections and enjoy a discounted inspection fee!


Selling your house? 

All homeowners in King County are required to have their septic system inspected by a licensed OSM (like us) before the title can be transferred. 

The county also requires an accurate As-built or record drawing to be submitted with the inspection report. 

We can take care of the inspection, create a new record drawing or as-built, schedule pumping, and complete any repairs if needed. 


Sign up for reoccurring septic inspections once, twice, or four times per year! 

This will give you piece of mind & help catch a problem before it becomes a major problem.