When you see that red light on (usually with a loud annoying audible) that means the liquid level in the pump tank is too high (at or above the alarm float). This does NOT mean the septic tank needs pumping! The most common causes of alarms are... 

1) High flow (customer using more water than timer is set for) This is not applicable for "demand" systems. 

2) Alarm float fell off the float tree or pump line (basically a false alarm). 

3) Bad on/off float or timer float. We always have extra floats in the truck.

4) Bad pump. We stock the most common pumps & can get one we don't stock within 24 hours (M-F).

5) Ground water intrusion (if your alarm only goes off when it's raining, this is probably you're problem).

6) Incorrect timer settings (example is, system is designed for 480 gallons per day, and timer setting are set at 120 gallons per day).

7) Jetting is needed (drain field lines are plugged up, reducing pump performance, and lines require hydro-jetting). 


Call us right away! You don't want to wait until it's backing up into your house. 

If you call right away, we have a day or two before pumping would be needed. 

This will save you time, money, and a big mess, just call us and we'll help you. 

Depending on the problem, we may need access to the pump and electrical components, if you wait a week before calling, the system will be flooded, and you'll have to hire a pumper to pump the system down, just to access it. 

If it's after hours (8am-6pm M-F & S) still call and leave a message, we will get back to you in the morning or in many cases available after hours.


We can normally get out there the same day you call. 

If you call us the first day the alarm has gone off, we have a couple of days before risking overflowing or backing up (usually). 

Its a good idea to reduce water usage until we get out there, but as long as the toilets are still flushing then use them as needed. 

Just don't do laundry or wash dishes, and reduce showers if possible.